4th - 6th Grades



Welcome to Explorer Writing - a class for students beginning to explore the world of academic writing, reading, speaking, and critical thinking!

The major component of this course is practicing summarizing. Students will take excerpts from well known children’s fiction and nonfiction books and summarize them into either descriptive or narrative paragraphs. By learning how to do a close reading of the text, students can identify the central idea and learn how to support it with details. Along the way they explore new vocabulary, history, and geography. 

During all these steps students are building:

  • reading ability

  • comprehension

  • ability to summarize

  • vocabulary

  • syntax

Students will also spend a small amount of time on dictation - listening to a quote from a related source or author, and then students hold the quote in their head, listening for punctuation, and write it down without seeing it. This develops their ability to hold a thought in their head for longer periods of time which is helpful in both developing writing and in-class note taking skills.

Students will also be studying writing style by studying sentences from famous authors. Students will learn more sophisticated syntax by practicing these sentence manipulations:

  • sentence unscrambling

  • sentence imitating

  • sentence combining

  • sentence expanding

Required text: Sentence Composing for Elementary Students by Don Killgallon



Students should be reading and writing at a minimum of a 4th grade reading level for this course.

Jennifer Fletcher


Phone: (530) 306-1061
Email: jfletcher.ila@gmail.com

Course Details

Day: Tue / Thur
Period: 1

Frequency: Twice per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $200
Materials Cost:   $0
Materials Required



Sentence Composing for Elementary Students by Don and Jenny Killgallon. This is a thin, consumable book, and students will be writing in it, so you will not be able to resell. Amazon link:





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