8th - 12th Grades


* Please see Prerequisite Tab

* This class will meet for 90 minutes (4th and 5th periods!) on both Tuesdays & Thursdays, for a total of 3 hours instruction each week.

Because the understanding of Algebra is foundational to future high school studies in mathematics and science, this course is designed to cover a rigorous Algebra I scope and sequence. Topics of study include order of operations, linear functions and graphs, equations in one and two variables, simultaneous equations, polynomials, factoring, complex fractions, operations with square roots, quadratic equations, irrational numbers and more.

This is a college-prep caliber course and students should expect to be challenged by the concepts we cover and the pace at which we move. Students will be expected to complete an average of 3+ hours of math work at home each week.

Parents are responsible for correcting their student's work after each lesson (critical, because lessons are cumulative, and so that students can bring questions to class), and instructor will check for completeness.

Due to time constraints some tests may be given to take at home.

Student assignments and grades will be posted on Schoology. Parents will have access to their student's account and are expected to keep track of assignments and grades through the Schoology platform. 



Completion of Pre-Algebra (Saxon 8/7 or equivalent) with a "B" or better, or successful completion of the Algebra Placement Test. Please c

Teresa Oakes


Email: taroakes@gmail.com

Course Details

Day: Tue / Thur
Period: 4

Frequency: Twice per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $350
Materials Cost:   $0
Materials Required


Elementary Algebra, by Harold R. Jacobs
ISBN: 978-0716710479

Solutions Manual for Elementary Algebra, by Harold R. Jacobs
ISBN: 978-0615315010

Usually available used - Amazon, eBay, etc...


Other Materials:

pencils (no pens please)

binder or tabbed section in binder

lined paper

 graph paper

 inch/centimeter ruler

 scientific calculator

Payment Information

Private Funds Accepted? Yes

Cash: Yes
Check: Yes
Paypal: Inquire

Charter Funds Accepted? Yes

Forest: Yes
Horizons: Yes
Inspire Charter School: Yes
South Sutter: Yes
Visions: Inquire

Instructor Biography

I am a home schooling mom for 12+ years, with a B.A. degree in Mathematics from California State University, Fullerton, and 6+ years experience teaching and tutoring all levels of mathematics. I get great joy in sharing my love of math with my students!