7th - 8th Grades


Build upon learned math skills to be optimally prepared for Algebra. Each class we will explore Pre-Algebra concepts necessary for success next year in Algebra and/or Geometry. Students will create their own interactive notebook with provided material in a concise form to have a handy reference going in to Algebra. We will play Algebra games and engage in many group activities. Material will be covered from CCSS for 8th grade. Advanced 7th graders are welcome. Topics include: irrational numbers, properties of integer exponents, square roots, scientific notation, proportional relationships, linear equation with one variable, solving pairs of simultaneous linear equations, graphing solutions to a system of equations, real-world math problems with two variables, functions, relations, rate of change, linear and nonlinear relationships, properties of rotation, reflection and translation, congruent figures, similar figures, parallel lines cut by a transversal, Pythagorean Theorem, volumes of cones, cylinders and spheres, scatter plots and equations for bi-variate data. Homework will reflect the practice students do at home. Students can use any math curriculum of choice. In class assignments and tests will be graded.




Completed 6th grade math.

Jane Ternavsky


Phone: (916) 420-3822
Email: jternavsky.ila@gmail.com

Course Details

Day: Wed
Period: 2

Frequency: Once per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $100
Materials Cost:   $0
Materials Required


Pre-Algebra curriculum of choice.


Other Materials:

Required material: composition notebook, calculator (scientific recommended), ruler, protractor, crayons/pencils, glue and scissors.

Payment Information

Private Funds Accepted? Yes

Cash: Yes
Check: Yes
Paypal: Yes

Charter Funds Accepted? Yes

Forest: Yes
Horizons: Yes
Inspire Charter School: Yes
South Sutter: Yes
Visions: Yes

Instructor Biography

Jane Ternavsky has been homeschooling her children for the past five years. Prior to that she worked in the Engineering Design and Construction industry, as well as tutored students in mathematics and physics from Kindergarten to University level. She holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.