This section of Health will cover the challenging topics of Social Interaction, Relationships, and Sex Ed.  The focus of the class will be honor towards oneself and others, faith and commitment, and verbal and non-verbal communication. 

This is not your typical Sex Ed class. Health 1:B came about as I realized that most of my students, Christian or not, were already exposed to the "mechanics" of a sexual relationship, but they had little information regarding how to navigate social/relational pitfalls or a clear picture of the emotional side of relationships that movies never tell you about. They have become desensitized to intimacy and social media has altered their ability to read non-verbal cues and blurred the lines of safe boundaries.

Regardless of our personal feelings or fears, the truth is, teens are facing over exposure, pressure, and loneliness in epic proportions and the rapidly growing rate of depression, violence and suicide are the proof.  Our children need tools to help them navigate through the challenges of their own feelings and the social expectations all around them. It’s time to talk about the tough topics in a safe place.  The goal of this class is to educate with real and current information so that they can be empowered, knowledgable, and prepared to face the challenges and decisions ahead.

I want to push back on a culture that is stealing the innocence of our children and hopefully the conversations started in the classroom will open up more lines of communication at home as well. This class will also give students better communication skills, and a deeper understanding of how they relate to others.

We will use a variety of resources to cover a wide range of topics from bullying and conflict resolution, to human sexuality and healthy / un-healthy relationships. My desire is to give students a chance to make fully informed choices for themselves, but even more I want them to know that they are created in the image of a LOVING GOD that cares about every aspect of their health and wellness.  We will use BOTH sectarian and secular resources in this class.

**MY DISCLAIMER: I have no credentials to qualify me to teach this class.  I do have 3 teens, and a passion to bring hope and Truth to a generation in desperate need of it. In every class I teach, I tell my students that “knowledge is power;  it’s how you can change the world”.

Charter funds will not be accepted for this class. Much of the information will be presented from a Biblical perspective. (I will allow a payment schedule to be set up for those who ask.)

For questions regarding content or resources used in this class, please contact me.




Course Details

Day: Tue / Thur
Period: 2

Frequency: Twice per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $150
Materials Cost:   $0
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Payment Information

Private Funds Accepted? Yes

Cash: Yes
Check: Yes
Paypal: Inquire

Charter Funds Accepted? Yes

Forest: Yes
Horizons: Yes
Inspire Charter School: No
South Sutter: Yes
Visions: Inquire

Instructor Biography

I am the current Director of Inspire and find joy and strength in our amazing homeschool community. This year I will be entering my 10th year as a homeschool mom! During this time I have learned much and had the privilege of celebrating 25 years of marriage, graduating our oldest daughter and continuing to home educate a second daughter and son; both currently in high school. My faith has sustained me over the years along with the support and wisdom of other home educating families. I love that I now have a regular opportunity to pay it forward as I support, encourage, and empower new students and parents on their homeschool journey.  My passion for learning and teaching have found a perfect fit at Inspire as I have taught classes on faith, cooking, health, history, creative writing and more. I walk by faith and not by sight every day.