6th - 8th Grades


World History Writing:

This is a yearlong writing course using the Structure and Style Writing Method (IEW) to grow and improve your student's writing skills focusing on the events from around the world starting with the Gutenburg press through 21st century technological advances. While the course's theme is World History, the emphasis in on their composition and grammar skills. This class is a level B/level C course designed for students in middle school. The course easily adapts to your student's skill level, uses checklists for structure, outlines for content, and incorporates grammar as part of the program. To augment the grammar segment further, we will be using Fix-it-Grammar Book 2: Robin Hood to enhance grammatical skills, and assist in their knowledge both of why we write the way we do, and to make correcting their papers easier. 

No previous IEW experience is required.

This is a graded course, though you may opt out of grading if you wish.

Homework generally consists of: Writing a rough draft, and making final corrections to a final draft with 15 minutes of grammar work. I strongly encourage typing their papers at this level as it makes final draft corrections easy and less time consuming.

**Note: Families paying using non-charter funds for class fee receive a $10 discount if paid in full on the first class of the semester.




Course Details

Day: Mon
Period: 1

Frequency: Once per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $100
Materials Cost:   $0
Materials Required


 World History Based Writing Student book

You may purchase from any site you wish, but for your convenience, the title is a link to the IEW website product information for this book. This is a new product and will be available for purchase this summer, because of this, there is no issue with different versions.

Fix-it-Grammar: Book 2 Robin Hood

There are multiple versions of this book, please have the most recent version you can find. the link above is their newest version.


Please have both books prior to the start of class if possible. 


Other Materials:

Binder section for notes, handouts, and papers. Textbook must be brought to each class session.

Payment Information

Private Funds Accepted? Yes

Cash: Yes
Check: Yes
Paypal: Yes

Charter Funds Accepted? Yes

Forest: Yes
Horizons: Yes
Inspire Charter School: Yes
South Sutter: Yes
Visions: Yes

Instructor Biography

This will be my fifth year teaching homeschool Writing and History classes as well as IEW Themed Writing.  I graduated from UC Davis with two BAs, one in English with a focus on 20th century Literature, and the second in History with a focus on European History specializing in 16th century medicine. My passion is to teach my students to find their voice and use their writing to convey their thoughts clearly and fully.

Wanting to give you more personal information I tried to think of my favorite author or book, but I just cannot settle on one. I find it shifts from week to week depending on who or what I am reading. Some of my favorites are: Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Little WomenThe Sound & the Fury, Pride & Prejudice, House of the Spirits, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, all of Shakespeare, and Canterbury Tales

History is a life long passion as I find I can never quite get enough information about those who came before us and the lives they lived. I hope to help make history come alive for my students; to try and connect in some tangible way with the people they read about in the pages of history books. I like to remind people, history is not just facts or stories, but the lives of real people who felt, thought, and lived in vastly different times. Some of those lives may have changed the world dramatically, but many more changed it in small subtle ways simply by living. History is a living subject because we are still creating it today. 

Research, Reading, and Writing are three of my passions I hope to instill in my students.