5th - 12th Grades


The Elements of Art

The elements of art are the basic components of art-marking. It is impossible to create a work of art without using at least one of the seven elements of art. In order to be successful in art creation, an artist must be able to intelligently use the elements of art. Artwork can also be analyzed according to the use of the elements in a work of art. Quality art starts with the elements and principles of art. The elements and principles of art work very similarly to that of cooking!

 When you are cooking something, you have a list of ingredients that are organized by the recipe.  The elements of art are like the ingredients.   If you are a good cook, then you care about quality ingredients. The same is true if you are a good artist.  You care about the quality of elements that you choose to put in your artwork.

Students will spend  time exploring them, understanding them, and learning how to use them together effectively. The same is true of cooking - you cannot just throw a list of great ingredients together and expect to create a great dish.  You must follow the recipe.

 Creating good artwork is not just skill.  It is definitely not luck or trial and error.  It is knowledge. In this project based class we will explore and come to understand the Elements of Art and then put them to work making some really fun, meaningful art!




Carrie Morris

Masterpiece ART Academy


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Day: Mon
Period: 5

Frequency: Once per Week
Class Duration: Semester

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Canson XL Mix Media Pad,9"X12" Side Wire 98lb paper

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Instructor Biography

Carrie believes, lives and teaches through her passion for Art.

Carrie strives to foster the courage to create art with abandon and the love of doing it. She is the founder of Masterpiece Art Academy and the co-creator and curriculum developer for the dynamic public school docent program DiscoverART! She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the Behavioral Sciences. Carrie has been a visual arts educator since 1999.