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Rose Hensel


Phone: 916-630-0457
Email: espanol.missrose@gmail.com

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Day: Wed
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Instructor Biography

My name is Rosa Hensel. I was born and raised in Spain and I am also fluent in English as I attended High School and College in California. By the age of 20 I called California my home. I am a Charter School teacher and it has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of the homeschooling community. As you strive to provide the best educational choices for your child, it is my goal to provide an exceptional learning experience.

Throughout all my years of teaching, I have found that students of all ages go through three stages, which I call the three “Ns”.

The first is a sense of being overwhelmed as one ventures into the land of the new language where everything is NEW. The journey of learning Spanish starts with being exposed to the unknown. You learn by hearing, seeing, saying, reading and writing words and phrases. The repetition of a language in various ways allows a student to truly begin opening their mind.

The second stage comes later when a student begins to accept this new world as NORMAL.  As Spanish becomes familiar to hear, see, say and write, a student will develop the tools to confidently build upon their vocabulary, speaking and writing abilities. The units focus on different areas that are useful for everyday life and conversation.

Lastly, you have the NATURAL stage where the student no longer makes a distinction between the two languages and reaches a point when communicating in Spanish becomes second nature. Reading, writing, speaking and translating occurs with little or no effort.

My goal is to make a student’s progress through the three “Ns” easy and fun.