11th - 12th Grades


This is a year-long survey course of British literature focusing on works of prominent authors in historical context through six literary movements, spanning from medieval times to the 20th century.  The class is designed to meet graduation and a-g requirements in a fun and engaging way. We will explore poetry, plays, short stories and novels through reading, multi-media projects, film, and socratic discussion.

Selections will include: Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, and works by Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Dickens.


Each semester we will read two novels or plays, as well as excerpts of famous works. We will use supporting materials to understand the period and the author's life and work.

Homework will include reading, annotation, weekly writing and preparation for in-class discussions. I would expect to 3-5 hours a week depending on the student and the material being covered.



This course is best for 11th-12th grade students who have completed a composition class and are accustomed to writing and project-based learning. We will read aloud in class and give oral presetations. Students should be familiar and comfortable w

Alison Harris


Phone: (916) 247-5775
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Course Details

Day: Tue / Thur
Period: 6

Frequency: Twice per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $300
Materials Cost:   $0
Materials Required


First Semester:

Beowulf by Robert Nye

Canterbury Tales- Nevill Coghill


Other referenced material will provided in class.


Other Materials:

A three ring binder with dividers to hold handouts and assignments. Gel highlighter for in class reading.

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