4th - 6th Grades


California History

Has your student ever said, "Mom why do we have to learn our state history?" Yep, it's required, but what's so cool about learning your state history is that you live here...so it's pretty exciting to make the connection to things that have happened in your state and places you've visited! This course will cover all the standards required for California History.

We will learn:

  • Geography (topography, climate etc)
  • Native Californians
  • Explorers
  • Missions
  • Early California (vaqueros and Californios!)
  • Gold Rush (westward expansion)

...into modern times

Miss Jennifer will bring the timeline of California History to life using a learning tool developed by she and her sister (Gina Threshie) The HISTerical Sisters  - called The Hats of History. As we progress through time, students will reinforce what they've learned by donning the hats worn by people groups....in order! What fun!





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Jennifer Steward


Phone: (530) 957-0975
Email: jsteward.ila@gmail.com

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Day: Tue / Thur
Period: 3

Frequency: Twice per Week
Class Duration: Semester

Course Cost:   $210
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Instructor Biography

I Love to Learn - I Love to Teach!

My passion is to help my students develop a true love for learning. See, my own education was one of filling in the blanks and going through the motions...just to make the grade. If there's one important thing I've learned (over the 31 years homeschooling my 8 children) since we parents are investing the time to "do school" - let's make sure what we are doing is engaging and interesting so our students really get it...so it sticks. Let's teach them HOW to think instead of WHAT to think, THEN they will truly have received an education! 

This "philosophy of education" I've adopted has developed over the years observing my own children as well as others. There's nothing more gratifying, as a teacher, than to see the lights come on for our students and to see them excited about learning. Understanding how the world works - both past and present - is truly interesting and important.



Having had the opportunity to homeschool my children gave me a second chance to get a real education! I have had the privilege to use my experience to instruct, encourage and support parents (through offering workshops, speaking at conferences, and writing many books and guides to help parents understand how to lead their children into delightful learning). I am considered somewhat of an expert on the Unit Study method which lends itself well to all sorts of learning styles! 

I have taught history to grades K-12 for eight years taking students on The Great Homeschool History Tour as one of The HISTerical Sisters, using humor to teach history to students of all ages!

I have offered The Passport to Learning class at Inspire Learning Academy for the past three years teaching grades K-2nd, taking students around the world exploring topics from A-Z!

During my time at ILA, I have also greatly enjoyed teaching American History classes to grades 3-5. I have to admit, that History is my favorite subject so please join me as we embark on a fun filled year exploring all kinds of HISTORY (and geograph)!